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Find out the name and billing address associated with any phone number.

Every day, there are more than a 900,000 cell phone number changes in the U.S.
Cell phone carriers spend millions of dollars each year updating their own records;
how on earth could any free cell phone number look up service keep up with all of these daily changes?

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Find out the name and billing address associated with any Cell Phone Number.


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Free Cell Phone Number Lookup

Reverse Cell Phone Look Up

Locate the name and billing address for any unlisted phone number and cell phone numbers. If the search yields no result, then you do not pay a dime. No hit, no fee.

Search for name, address by telephone number


Cell Phone Number Look Up

Search for the name and billing address of an active or disconnected cell phone number. Results often returned the same business day (please allow one to two business days). No results, no charge! Accuracy GUARANTEED!


 Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup by Name

Search Name and Billing Address by Cell Phone Number

Requests are picked up by 5:00 p.m. CST each day from most cell phone carriers. Nights, weekends and holiday requests will be processed on the next business day.

Not sure if the number is a cell phone or land line (home or business)?

Our free cell phone number lookup search can instantly tell you whether the number in question is a mobile cellular phone or a land line owned by a residence or business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free cell phone number look up?

free cell phone number search

Are you tired of looking for a free Cell Phone Number search? Many people are too. The amount of time spent looking for a free cell phone phone number search ends up spending valuable time. What is your tine worth? A Free Cell phone Number Lookup?

Many websites offer a free reverse phone number look up service that provide access to a phone number directory, with varying degrees of accuracy. Other sites charge a small fee for similar cell phone number look up services, but few guarantee results.

A free cell phone number look up is a great way to find instant results on the owner of a particular cell number using the many database resources available on the Internet. When you need results quickly, a free reverse look up is a good place to start. You may be amazed by what you find.

Why use a free cell phone number look up?

  • To obtain the name of a caller. Ever get a phone call from an unknown number? A free cell phone number look up may provide the person's name and even the owners address in some instances.
  • To get an address. If you forget the address of a friend or coworker, a free cell phone number look up can retrieve that information for you quickly, without the inconvenience of locating your address book.
  • Background checks. If a potential date, employer or employee, for example, happens to be the owner of a listed phone number, getting a background check can be simplified with a free cell phone number look up. The name and number connection is often enough for these online services to check into criminal records and other matters of public record. There is small fee to obtain a background check, but the information you receive can prove to be invaluable!
  • Prank callers. While the majority of prank callers are children, repetitive calls can be annoying and burdensome. A free cell phone number look up may reveal the owner of the line, so you can contact the man or woman of the house. You can also give this information to the police if you need further assistance in handling harassing calls.
  • Remembering the name of an acquaintance. Have you ever met someone and only written down a phone number? Instead of calling to ask their name and risking embarrassment, try a free cell phone number look up and avoid any more awkward moments!
  • Identifying a strange number on your phone bill or caller ID. The easiest way to identify an unknown phone is by using a free cell phone number look up. Quickly track down the name and address of almost anyone in no time, with little to no effort on your part.
  • Screening your phone calls. You may not have time to spend hours on the phone with long-winded acquaintances and pushy salesmen. Instead of answering blindly and risking a long conversation, try a reverse phone look up search. This process is so fast that you could literally have the name and address of the person trying to call you before the phone stops ringing. You can choose to answer it, call them back later, or ignore it altogether. This way, you are never caught off guard.
  • Personal or work-related investigations. Journalists, investigators, attorneys, legal professionals, skip tracers, research professionals and bounty hunters may all use a free cell phone number look up service to aid in their business. The name and address behind nearly every phone number is stored on databases, now easily accessible through a free cell phone number look up and it is perfectly legal to obtain this information.
  • Connecting with a long lost friend or relative. If you are trying to track down a loved one, you might want to consider trying our free cell phone database; giving you access to information that was once reserved exclusively for law enforcement.

How can I be sure the information I receive is reliable?

Only a small number of free cell phone number look up directories contain complete and accurate information. Many less-than-reputable sites will only provide the location of the area code for the phone number in question. In some cases, you will get wrong information or none at all!

The majority of free cell phone number look up sites provide only a last name and a list of possible first names. These names are often paired with an address that is outdated or incorrect. Oftentimes, you are better off looking in the Yellow Pages!

Most phone number directories will fall short of your expectations, but is committed to providing you with complete and accurate results.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee that you will not get from our competitors. is one of the most trusted reverse phone number look up services.

Look no further for dependable results and excellent service!